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PRP Centrifuge

Low-speed centrifuge, laboratory, serum fat separator, large-capacity timed benchtop centrifuge


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Low-speed centrifuge

Stable performance, sturdy and durable

Low noise and high capacity

Intuitive and clear LCD display shows parameters in real time

Durable ABS high-strength shell rubber non-slip feet

Safe and reliable, cover opening protection, fault warning, silent and dustproof   

Runs smoothly

Adopt DC magneto for low noise and smooth operation






Product Features:

  1.  LCD display.                                            

                                               2. Adjustable speed range: 500-4000 RPM

   Increment 100 RPM.                          
       3. Time range: 1-99 min.                                
 4. Max RCF: 2100 XG.                               
    5. Tube: 10ml/15ml*12                                  
      6. Dimensions (mm): 340X300X260mm   






Mechanical door lock with lid opening button

Large-capacity low-speed centrifuge

SN-LSC-40 (Timed) SN-LSC-40S (Smart)

Additional information

Weight 6.3 kg

NS-LSC-40 (Timing High Capacity), SN-LSC-40S (Smart Large Capacity)

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