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Hair laser device

Hair Loss Treatment Device

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120 photons, 650NM LIGHT ABSORBED

Laser light

Only laser light is coherent. Coherent light is a photon of the same frequency, polarization direction, and phase. It is powerful and efficient, and can penetrate the epidermis and be absorbed by hair follicles. Incoherent light is not allowed.

650NM wavelength

The 650NM laser wavelength is the gold wavelength of the newborn hair, which can penetrate the hair follicle, be absorbed by the hemoglobin in the hair follicle, and activate the hair follicle.

The irradiation time was 30MIN

The laser energy absorbed by the tissue = irradiation power * irradiation time. The appropriate irradiation time under the action of LPT laser power is crucial. 30min is a suitable irradiation time for activating hair follicles.

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You're viewing: Hair laser device Original price was: €3,200.00.Current price is: €3,150.00.
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